Once again it's been some time since we've posted, but we've come to you guys with some pretty good news. Finally built up the confidence and motivation to begin making designs once again. We've posted polls recently and your voices have been heard and considered. 

It really made me happy to hear that you guys still care about us.

I'm also glad that you guys still anticipate a release and you guy will be getting that in the next two weeks

I will be putting more effort into drawing and coming up with more original art. Our show girl Aki has been put on the bottom of our list due to some drawing confidence issues. Also I will be working on drawing more original pieces design purposes. I really appreciate you guys for the positive feed back! 

Here's what you guys can expect for the upcoming release SCHEDULED FOR 11/03/17

  • Impact Blue X Eurobeaters - probably the most asked about sticker that we have. Im not too fond of bringing it back but ill consider bringing it back every anniversary release. 
  • Impact Blue X Eurobeaters II - not too sure if i can call it a version 2 but it will be coming as a two piece set. (considering two print options: regular, and a chrome finish version) 
  • Year two Logo Slap: we don't have many logo stickers in our inventory, so here's one for the books. 
  • V3 Logo Die Cut: we're constantly trying to evolve our branding, we hope you guys like it. 
  • Everything Will be Daijoubu V2 - Not many people had a chance to get it due to its low quantity but it's been coveted by some of our friends who have been following us since the beginning. Cooking up a version 2 for the coming drop. 
  • PRE ORDERS ON PREVIOUS DESIGNS - For those who missed out on some of the more popular releases,these are for you guys here's what you guys will be looking at... 
    • Unicorn Bundle
    • Barbatos 
    • V1 Everything will be Daijoubu. 

I wont be posting images just yet, not until i completely finalize everything and im confident the release will run smoothly. We have other design lined up for future releases but for now this is what we're coming back to you guys with. 

Thank you.jpg

Stages of the Miata :o

Honestly this is more just for my own documenting. I doubt any of you guys really care about the stages of gone through with my car because yes it is a turd, but it's my turd and it gets me places ever day. 

The first photo of the line up

The first photo of the line up

I'd say this is one of the earliest stages of my car that i documented for my car under my possession. following this photo i proceeded to take similar photos in this particular spot as my car progressed. This stage was was probably the simplest it will ever be again LOL. Parts list: 

Wheels: Kosei K1 15x7

Suspension: Tokico blue w/ lowering springs

Exhaust: Stock w/ Integra muffler and a 2.5 inch pipe

Others: Gladman Fabrication Canards, APR Universal side mirrors, Ebay GV Lip/ Side skirts/ hardtop visor


Nothing too different here in the second photo 

Nothing too different here in the second photo 

here i kind of looks the same but just with new add on's. tbh the spoiler kinda did a little too much for me even when i got it. I kind of regretted it and it wasn't cheap for a rep either jesus. but @freees_hiroki was the inspiration for the wing and no his car looked way better with it. but for sure one of my favorite miatas is his. What's new? nothing much

Suspension: Megan EZ Streets Adjustable height and dampening coil overs (gratefully installed by some buddies of mine <3 ) Cobalt 3 pt strut bar

Exhaust: Center Exit Cat back custom exhaust (No brand on exhaust) 

Others: Jass Performance LED Turn Signal Intakes, Subaru S203 Replica Wing, Replica Bride Seat, Project G Side flares

Stage 3&nbsp;

Stage 3 

Okay i'd say here is where the bigger changes were made or at least the more dramatic ones. Shortly after my summer in Chicago i had a bunch of parts just waiting to be put onto my car so that just made my trip out there feel so much longer. Here's the parts list: 

Wheels: Rota RKR 15x8 +0 

Exhaust: Same custom piping with OBX HR12 Universal Muffler 

Others: Some ebay canards, Side Fender cuts and Autokonexion Over fenders V1, Carbon Fiber Hardtop Visor (FOR EXTRA DOWN FORCE FOR LESS THAN 90HP YEEEEAHOO) 


As she sits currently&nbsp;

As she sits currently 

Nothing exactly new here, im just working with what i have now at this point. Different tire set up where i was running stretched before, i went for a more meaty or just proper set up for my wheels. instead of a 195 50 15 tire i went 205 50 15 and it fits much more nicely. Other than that the car is relatively the same, just a bit more simplified than what it was previously. I like how it currently sits, its a lot less to worry about when there's less shit that can possibly fall off and yeah a cheap rattle can paint job on my over fenders makes a huge difference (especially the fact when it's not color matched) but im just glad its relatively the same color. Engine wise, my car has always been stock but its more than enough for what i need since it's my daily driver. Hopefully once i'm more financially stable i'd like to retire this car as my daily and just save it as a future project, honestly something i'd want to save for my kids when they can take on the responsibility. I love this car, it's not my life for sure but at some point it was because it got me through hard times, it helped me get my mind off of things when shit was bad. (bad break ups, stress relievers etc.) Yes it was a money pit, do i regret my decisions yes and no. Yes obviously because i could have funneled those funds for something more important but shit You live and you learn and realize what's more important. Yes it's cool to have a nice car (not saying my car is beautiful but shit it's beautiful to me) but just know there are other things you can be spending your time on and saving your money for. But the experience i gained from it was definitely enriching. Never the less thanks for reading if you do. 

Integrating Our shop with the Blog Page

it isn't completely official yet but I'm currently working on moving our shop over to the main blog page. Im still uncertain of how i want to run it due to the new interface they have here but I will try my best to work things out. It might be a little different when it comes to releases. Again we aren't sure exactly how we're going to run it just yet, but for now the bigcartel site is still the main market place. However the integrating the store makes the site much more streamline and you can get all of our content in one spot. It also looks nicer kinda? Anyways it's getting late, hope you guys enjoy the new updates on the page. Im really stressing about the upcoming releases, since there isn't a lot of down time to work on designs, but slowly but surely. Truly sorry for keeping you guys hanging, but we have a full stock of club shirts available! We will update it on the bigcartel this weekend or so!  We really want to work on things but jeez life really just isn't letting us right now. 

Getting the Ball Rolling

Due to work and other life things, Eurobeaters hasn't really been the top priority as of lately. We're slowly starting to move products again and apologies to those who have waited a long time. There was a lot going on that there hasn't been a lot of time to pack and send out your orders to our specification. I package each order with care as well try to make it more personal for you guys. Never the less new content is being worked on slowly.  Late Anniversary content is being made, we will be bringing back our Popular Impact Blue slap back for this occasion along with a new logo slap as well as a v2 Impact blue Sticker. These will be sold as an Anniversary pack. Progress is being made but slowly, due to lack of time to focus on just Eurobeaters. We also want to be able to give back to you guys who have stuck with us. Once we have our new content out we will have a give away for our followers. So please look forward to that. Other than that we are also trying to get the ball rolling with videos and other photography content. Essentially I'm trying to go back to what we were originally about im just trying my best to stay focused. Never the less thank you guys so much for being patient with us. We'll update again soon. 



Yo guys, it's been way over a month since any content has been put out. I'd just like to say that there will be more content to come. It's been a pretty hectic few months and the ball has kind of been dropped. However Im slowly trying to get the momentum going again. We've just hit our one year anniversary not to long ago but it really did not feel too special. There were too many projects that were planned to be done by our one year but unfortunately they did not make that deadline. Because of that I personally dropped the ball, i felt like i lost the motivation to keep designing, putting out content and in general i got kind of tired of the car scene. I also felt like I needed space from people. No this isn't something big, we aren't a huge brand that makes huge impressions on people but running something like this isn't easy. During the Hiatus i had the opportunity to travel with my family experience new things, I have picked up a new job that can potentially benefit Eurobeaters, so i have also been pre-occupied with that as well. Never the less, im not going to say exactly what to expect in the coming times, but I'm slowly gathering my shit together to get things done again. I really appreciate those who have been patient and wait for their things to ship out, things have been really slow for me personally so i truly appreciate the ones who stuck with us. Also in terms of the store I'm planning on potentially moving the store to our blog domain for the sake of convenience. Just hoping the interface is friendly for you guys. Never the less more updates to come in the near future. 


Gary's S14 (Short Video)

With every video we make it feels like an accomplishment. No matter how short they are, the satisfaction of making appealing footage is quite the feeling. We will be working on bringing out more video content to you guys as we are investing money in video equipment and learning video editing techniques. We hope you guys are looking forward to more of our content as we are trying to make it. Never the less enjoy this short 40 second teaser of our friend's S14. 


Hey guys! we know we haven't been active lately but some of us just aren't done with school just yet. However this week will be the last week of school so we'll be kicking into full gear by next week. We have some outstanding orders right now due to life getting in the way and we are also waiting on some shipping supplies. However here are some things you guys can look forward too. 

  • Club Shirt Pre-Orders
  • Left over wall scrolls will be available for purchase (Miss Prints -will be sold at a reduced price-  & a Few of the Dark Variation) 
  • Remainders of the Unicorn Bundle will be available for purchase. 
  • Updated Unicorn Bear Guy 
  • More Video, and Photo Content 
  • Our OC Aki will be released soon as well (hopefully by AX)

However here's some shots of our shirts. :) 


HELLO EVERYONE! Fanime is just around the corner and we're extremely excited! Fanime marks our one year anniversary. We officially established ourselves as a group this very weekend of last year. My friend Jenn (@doujenshi) and I officially placed our banners on our cars. I still laugh at the fact that the name started off as a joke and we didn't exactly take it that seriously but it's amazing how far we've come in one year. We Thank you guys who have supported and kept up with us over this past year. We're looking forward for what's to come and hope to grow along with you guys. As for now we'd like to announce that we have put together a simple shirt to commemorate our one year anniversary. If all goes well we will have these on hand to give to some of you guys while at Con (which is this Friday and we're waiting on our distributor to get back to us). We will have some other goodies on us to hand out to you guys, so don't be afraid to approach any of us and say Hi :) . We will be updating our story as we enjoy the con. Stay updated via instagram! @eurobeaters

Front (Black)&nbsp;

Front (Black) 

Back (Black)&nbsp;

Back (Black) 

Front (White)&nbsp;

Front (White) 

Back (White)&nbsp;

Back (White) 

Thank you so much for the year you guys!~ "Find Your Rhythm"&nbsp;

Thank you so much for the year you guys!~ "Find Your Rhythm" 


I legit feel bad for anyone who slept on Council's apparel drop (https://cncls.us/collections/all). The designs for these shirts are A1 quality, I just wanted to make a post about this because I just really wanted to appreciate Tristan's art work. His brand is definitely one of my inspirations and his art work is definitely something anyone can appreciate. He also has an eye for photography, automotive culture and of course art and it's definitely something we see in his brand (that is definitely something we're striving for) . Honestly I think these shirts are a prime example of Anime based street wear that incorporates automotive life style as well. This is definitely the type of thing i'd wear on a daily basis if i had more of something like this. I'm not saying there aren't other brands that have a similar feel to them because I can definitely name several, but i just wanted to shout him out because damn I just really love the design and the amount of work he put into his original brand characters Kei and Yuna who are featured on these shirts. I really hope we get a chance to collab with him especially once our original character Aki is finalized. Never the less here are some decent product shots that i took of the shirts. 

"SUKEBAN!" Yuna Front print shirt&nbsp;

"SUKEBAN!" Yuna Front print shirt 

Front of "Sparkle Undress~" Shirt feat. Kei &nbsp;

Front of "Sparkle Undress~" Shirt feat. Kei  

Back Design of "Sparkly Undress~" shirt feat. Kei&nbsp;

Back Design of "Sparkly Undress~" shirt feat. Kei 

Wall Scrolls OPEN for Pre-orders!


(will be open until 6/6/17) 

Good Morning guys depending on where yall are reading from! Thought i'd announce that pre-orders for our Nujabes Tribute wall scrolls will be opening up this week. We will have it open for a Month to get a gauge of interest. Regardless of how many orders we get we will get them out to you. It took a while to figure out whether or not we wanted to make these for sale but in the end I think it's something that needs to be shared with everyone. Nujabes has had a significant impact on my life as well as my taste in music.  Never the less there will be two variations that you can pick up. The Dark Variation which is what we sold as a slap, and a lighter variation for those who prefer it. 

Just want to get the wall scroll out to the people who really wanted them. Much love to Jun Seba <3 Rest in Beats~ Never the less thank you guys for the support as always. 

Bear Guy

Haven't been very active lately so i thought i'd make a little post about the Custom Bear Guy we created. Since our contribution to the gundam collab was all Gundam Unicorn Mobile Suits, I figured we should make a custom bear guy based on the Unicorn. Originally the idea was to have all the vendors that were part of the collab to have their own Bear guy to give with their designated bundles. However it didn't exactly fall through. Never the less i still wanted to take on the idea and created this guy! He will be included with all Bundle orders for free! Thank you guys so much for your undying support! Life has been pretty stressful and busy for the team here, we're trying our best to bring content out. 

Design production has been really slow due to school and work and just life. There is a lot of plans in line but we really have not had the time to get much done lately. So we apologize for the lack of activity. However again we will definitely will be more active over the summer, Some of us will be down in Socal for Anime Expo and we will all be attending Fanime. Again apologies and thank you guys for staying tuned. <3 More meets, content, and work coming from us very soon! >:( 


The long awaited gundam collab drop is now live! pick up a set today! all pre-orders will be closed by the end of the weekend. All Bundle Orders will come with a free Bear Guy Die cut~ 


Life Update

Hey Guys!

 Again it's been a minute,  we're busy as always and trying our best to put out more content for you guys. We are currently working on several projects, 1. Gundam Collaboration (COMPLETED) They will be releasing Next Friday! 

Battle Pack: MS Unicorn, MS Unicorn Banshee, MS Sinanju&nbsp;

Battle Pack: MS Unicorn, MS Unicorn Banshee, MS Sinanju 

2. Fuuka Pack (WIP). This has been held off due to the Gundam collab but we will be resuming progress on those, however they may not be released within the next few weeks due to all the drops that are coming.

3. We are also currently working on apparel designs as well as finalizing our Shop Girls. I know i know we've been saying it for a long time now but we are working on making them perfect. They will be making an official debut on our shirts (that is the goal at least) THEY WILL BE GOOD WE PROMISE~ 

4. Wall Scroll Drop, we will be opening up Pre-orders on our Nujabes wallscrolls soon, after all gundam designs have been released. However in order to get the most reasonable price possible on these wall scrolls, we need to sell at least 25 or more. We will keep pre-orders open for about 2-3 weeks just so people who want to get them can order one. 

Other Than That! 

Local News

If there's anyone in the bay area who will be going to the Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend, The whole Eurobeaters Crew will be there in the evening for the night events which will be taking place in San Francisco Japan town. We will have some free stickers on hand and maybe some other merchandise to hand out to you guys, so feel free to say hi! Stay updated on our story, or if you follow any of us personally. 

Sale on All Slaps!

Hey guys, its been a minute! Due to being quite slow, we are having a sale on all in stock slaps. Everything will be marked $5 or less so feel free to stop by our shop because we need to get rid of all of our old inventory to make space for new inventory! 


It's been really hard to get things moving when spring break was so short, and we all have break on different weeks so there hasn't been much time to move things along. There are still many unfinished plans right now, but here's what you guys can expect by the next few releases before Fanime. 

Our Part in the Huge Gundam Collaboration with @_kawaii.sauce_, @supereffective.us , @prime_vandals, @cncl.s , @amityfist, @heartbeat.la , @usotsukiclub and a few others! 

Here's 1/3 of the Designs that will be part of the collab! 

We will also be releasing a Fuuka Bundle with a total of 4 slaps! 2/4 have been completed, but the last two will be completed once the designs for the gundam collab are complete. 

We also have content coming up for our OC characters, we've been some what lagging on their designs, but we have the base designs down for Aki and we have one other Character in the works. They will be featured on our first apparel drop that we hope to have by Fanime. There are many goals and deadlines to keep up with. 

Also just Info on wall scrolls, we haven't had too much feed back, im not exactly sure how we want to work this out. Based on the feed back we've gotten from previous posts there isn't too much interest. Also the fact that im unsure if it is the final color design i want to go with to officially print it's hard to really say how it will go. We may open up pre-orders sometime before all these things drop. We really don't want to overwhelm people with the amount that we have planned especially since there are many other awesome vendors coming out with great stuff. Never the less see you guys soon! We hope you guys enjoy the sale! Much love <3 


Hey guys, a few followers DM'ed us the past two days about the manga that was on the story yesterday, and I figured it would be a good idea to share some thoughts while the emotions are still fresh since I have completely caught up on both the Manga and the Anime. Just a disclaimer these are my personal opinions and emotions that I have felt while watching/ reading so feel free to use my experience as you will. Never the less onto Fuuka! This story focuses on two characters, Fuuka Akitsuki and Yuu Haruna who met fatefully and start a 5 person band with their friends. In the anime you them as they gain experience with the help of a well known band The Hedgehogs. In my experience I watched the anime before I read the Manga which started back in February 12th, 2014 and all I can say without spoiling anything is that the Anime and Manga are almost completely different. Considering that the Anime is only schedules to have 12 episodes this season I can understand why it was so different especially since the Manga is still being written. However I do highly recommend watching the Anime, and I might even suggest watching it first. I say this because I think it makes the Manga shine much more because the story goes much deeper than the anime does, and I think it would give you a better visual image in your head of what is going on in the Manga and the impact it has. I enjoyed both the anime and the Manga very much, I don't usually read Manga and I think this is the first time I couldn't stop reading a Manga. I felt the message and the emotions that i took from reading and watching it really resonated with me, and i felt that it really related back to our motto of finding you rhythm. As cliche as it sounds considering that it's an Anime/ Manga about a rock band, there are new things to be learned and I honestly teared up at some parts of the Manga. (Also for those who have never watched or read Fuuka, I personally recommend listening to the music from the anime while you watch. I think it just gives the manga a little more impact haha -The official OST is available on Itunes if you're interested-) 

Other than that here's a Manga Streaming Link to Fuuka If you happen to need it. And for those who don't have Crunchyroll or whatever, Episodes 1-11 are free for streaming, and the 12th and Final Episode comes out this Friday! Im looking forward to it. Im Happy I got to share this with you guys cause I really can't express how much I enjoyed it. (especially the music): 

Manga Stream Here

Also im working on a slap for Fuuka, hope you guys are looking forward to it :) 

Thank you guys for listening~ 

Made some Crap Videos before, but here's one that's a little less crap

I don't get how people can do this, but then again practice makes perfect. Charlie and I spent like a good hour and a half shooting today (I understand that to make a video it takes more than just a few hours of shooting) but getting the right shots and only using about half of the footage we got only to make a 1 minute video is kinda discouraging. Never the less it is definitely something we want to learn and build as we go. The amount of time and effort that goes into making those quality videos you see on youtube, on the movie screen, TV really appreciates it so much more. It's not easy getting the right shot, and it's a lot easier said than done as most things are. Never the less here's are really short ass video that im actually kinda happy with even though the sound editing is terrible and the video can just be a lot better with things planned out a little better. Never the less here it is. LOL 

Also just an update on stuff, FInals have just ended for me so hopefully I can get some things done. Also all outstanding orders have been filled! So they should get to within the next two weeks or so depending on where you are in the world. :) Thank you guys so much for your support! Good Night. 

Much Needed Drive.

A close friend of ours insisted on going on a chill cruise out to grizzly peak tonight. It would have been very nice considering that these chill cruises have become quite rare since everyone has been very busy with life. However due to some unfortunate events his rear tire decides to debead :(. Despite that it was nice to see his car out and about ever so often and we just decided to chill and talk which is always nice. never the less good luck to those who have finals or mid terms within these coming weeks! Struggling to balance Eurobeaters and school, but Summer is just around the corner meaning it will be grind time for Eurobeaters soon~ Good night guys, stay safe, and study hard. 

Nujabes Tribute Wallscrolls

Will be available soon~ I'm extremely pleased with the way our first scroll came out, however my only issue with it is the colors at the top. Because it was so dark, it didn't show the other details that it had unfortunately :/ However if you guys are really interested we'd really like to hear your feed back! Here's what it looks like in my room~ as well as a lighter color variant that i have yet to print. 

Just so you guys know, the pricing on these will be around $50 ish (price may vary depending on how much it costs to print in bulk), If we get enough interest we may open these up for pre-orders~ :) please we highly appreciate your feed back. 

We may open up orders for both variants but up to you guys, we really encourage you guys to let us know what you guys think :). Never the less thank you guys. 

Also enjoy one of my favorite songs by Nujbaes~ :) 

Small Wave Coming your Way~

Hey update for you guys! I thought it would be a good time to have an almost spring sale. (heh heh) almost :( . Anyways here's whats dropping this weekend! (Saturday March 4th 3PM) 

ALSO! Pleas please pelase check out our friend @revolution_dave also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/revolutionphotographynl/

(also working on packing orders as their coming in, been lagging a little due to the lack of shipping supplies but i just bought 1500 sheets of printing paper and hella envelopes! so expect them sometime next week or so!) 

Debating on opening up pre-orders for wall scrolls but not exactly sure yet, as I am waiting on a sample to arrive. Hopefully if it comes by then it will be included with everything. However depending on when i receive it will determine when it will be available. 

All Slaps will be in hand so there will be no wait on any of these. 

There will be a spring discount code available as well! enjoy 10% off orders $10 or more for the whole week! :)  so feel free to add any of our previously release designs to your goody bag~


Happy Hunting guys, see you guys Saturday!  

Our Samurai Champloo Inspired Slaps coming in size 9x4 with a Matte Finish.&nbsp;

Our Samurai Champloo Inspired Slaps coming in size 9x4 with a Matte Finish. 

Eurobeaters X Revolution Slaps 9x3 printed on Chrome&nbsp;

Eurobeaters X Revolution Slaps 9x3 printed on Chrome 

Kisara Tendo Revolution X Eurobeaters Slap size 9x3 in Cherry Blossom Holo finish&nbsp;

Kisara Tendo Revolution X Eurobeaters Slap size 9x3 in Cherry Blossom Holo finish