I-Tea Castro Valley Car Meet 10/27 @8PM

Exciting news guys! We’ll be hosting a car meet along with our friends at @jdmlifestyle and @bento.jp for old times sake. It will be a nice little kick back for the locals here in the Bay Area, we’ll have some merch to give out to you guys as well as some merch from @royalorigin / @hoodratstuff . We hope to see you guys and your builds out in Castro Valley on the 27th! come swing by and say hi, we don’t bite.

Of course the standard rules apply for all car meets: Respect the space, no burn outs or inappropriate behavior. We want to continue to have car meets without the local police having to check up on us so please behave and we’ll all have a good time!

issa car meet flyer.jpg

Integrating Our shop with the Blog Page

it isn't completely official yet but I'm currently working on moving our shop over to the main blog page. Im still uncertain of how i want to run it due to the new interface they have here but I will try my best to work things out. It might be a little different when it comes to releases. Again we aren't sure exactly how we're going to run it just yet, but for now the bigcartel site is still the main market place. However the integrating the store makes the site much more streamline and you can get all of our content in one spot. It also looks nicer kinda? Anyways it's getting late, hope you guys enjoy the new updates on the page. Im really stressing about the upcoming releases, since there isn't a lot of down time to work on designs, but slowly but surely. Truly sorry for keeping you guys hanging, but we have a full stock of club shirts available! We will update it on the bigcartel this weekend or so!  We really want to work on things but jeez life really just isn't letting us right now. 

Getting the Ball Rolling

Due to work and other life things, Eurobeaters hasn't really been the top priority as of lately. We're slowly starting to move products again and apologies to those who have waited a long time. There was a lot going on that there hasn't been a lot of time to pack and send out your orders to our specification. I package each order with care as well try to make it more personal for you guys. Never the less new content is being worked on slowly.  Late Anniversary content is being made, we will be bringing back our Popular Impact Blue slap back for this occasion along with a new logo slap as well as a v2 Impact blue Sticker. These will be sold as an Anniversary pack. Progress is being made but slowly, due to lack of time to focus on just Eurobeaters. We also want to be able to give back to you guys who have stuck with us. Once we have our new content out we will have a give away for our followers. So please look forward to that. Other than that we are also trying to get the ball rolling with videos and other photography content. Essentially I'm trying to go back to what we were originally about im just trying my best to stay focused. Never the less thank you guys so much for being patient with us. We'll update again soon.