@doujenshi and I have been getting back into shooting film as of late, and i thought i'd share some photos and experiences with you guys. Honestly I'm not too experienced with shooting film but I have to say that it's really fun not knowing how your photos will come out until you get them developed. For me i feel like 9/10 times I'm more than satisfied with the results. We've been doing photography for quite some time now and shooting digital does not compare to shooting film. Taking time to frame your shots knowing that each frame is worth something is quite relaxing. ALSO A PLUS THERE'S NO EDITING REQUIRED. As a photographer i spend a lot of time editing on Lightroom trying to achieve a film look but no matter how closely you try to replicate it, you really can't compare. 

If we have to compare digital quality is like listening to mp3 where as film is like listening to a vinyl, (comparison made by @doujenshi) and i couldn't agree more. It's really hard to go wrong with film because it's honestly hard not to mess up with film if you are considerate of your lighting. I really can't reiterate enough how satisfying it is to get your prints back. However such a hobby comes with a cost. As much as i'd like to shoot film full time, developing and buying film is not cheap. However when the time comes when money isn't an issue, I would love to shoot film full time. Here are some photos that you guys may or may not have seen. 

If any of you guys are interested in talking photography, or anything like that feel free to message us or you can find my photography account @no_vsns  

Hope you guys enjoy the other content :) 

Stages of the Miata :o

Honestly this is more just for my own documenting. I doubt any of you guys really care about the stages of gone through with my car because yes it is a turd, but it's my turd and it gets me places ever day. 

The first photo of the line up

The first photo of the line up

I'd say this is one of the earliest stages of my car that i documented for my car under my possession. following this photo i proceeded to take similar photos in this particular spot as my car progressed. This stage was was probably the simplest it will ever be again LOL. Parts list: 

Wheels: Kosei K1 15x7

Suspension: Tokico blue w/ lowering springs

Exhaust: Stock w/ Integra muffler and a 2.5 inch pipe

Others: Gladman Fabrication Canards, APR Universal side mirrors, Ebay GV Lip/ Side skirts/ hardtop visor


Nothing too different here in the second photo 

Nothing too different here in the second photo 

here i kind of looks the same but just with new add on's. tbh the spoiler kinda did a little too much for me even when i got it. I kind of regretted it and it wasn't cheap for a rep either jesus. but @freees_hiroki was the inspiration for the wing and no his car looked way better with it. but for sure one of my favorite miatas is his. What's new? nothing much

Suspension: Megan EZ Streets Adjustable height and dampening coil overs (gratefully installed by some buddies of mine <3 ) Cobalt 3 pt strut bar

Exhaust: Center Exit Cat back custom exhaust (No brand on exhaust) 

Others: Jass Performance LED Turn Signal Intakes, Subaru S203 Replica Wing, Replica Bride Seat, Project G Side flares

Stage 3&nbsp;

Stage 3 

Okay i'd say here is where the bigger changes were made or at least the more dramatic ones. Shortly after my summer in Chicago i had a bunch of parts just waiting to be put onto my car so that just made my trip out there feel so much longer. Here's the parts list: 

Wheels: Rota RKR 15x8 +0 

Exhaust: Same custom piping with OBX HR12 Universal Muffler 

Others: Some ebay canards, Side Fender cuts and Autokonexion Over fenders V1, Carbon Fiber Hardtop Visor (FOR EXTRA DOWN FORCE FOR LESS THAN 90HP YEEEEAHOO) 


As she sits currently&nbsp;

As she sits currently 

Nothing exactly new here, im just working with what i have now at this point. Different tire set up where i was running stretched before, i went for a more meaty or just proper set up for my wheels. instead of a 195 50 15 tire i went 205 50 15 and it fits much more nicely. Other than that the car is relatively the same, just a bit more simplified than what it was previously. I like how it currently sits, its a lot less to worry about when there's less shit that can possibly fall off and yeah a cheap rattle can paint job on my over fenders makes a huge difference (especially the fact when it's not color matched) but im just glad its relatively the same color. Engine wise, my car has always been stock but its more than enough for what i need since it's my daily driver. Hopefully once i'm more financially stable i'd like to retire this car as my daily and just save it as a future project, honestly something i'd want to save for my kids when they can take on the responsibility. I love this car, it's not my life for sure but at some point it was because it got me through hard times, it helped me get my mind off of things when shit was bad. (bad break ups, stress relievers etc.) Yes it was a money pit, do i regret my decisions yes and no. Yes obviously because i could have funneled those funds for something more important but shit You live and you learn and realize what's more important. Yes it's cool to have a nice car (not saying my car is beautiful but shit it's beautiful to me) but just know there are other things you can be spending your time on and saving your money for. But the experience i gained from it was definitely enriching. Never the less thanks for reading if you do.