@doujenshi and I have been getting back into shooting film as of late, and i thought i'd share some photos and experiences with you guys. Honestly I'm not too experienced with shooting film but I have to say that it's really fun not knowing how your photos will come out until you get them developed. For me i feel like 9/10 times I'm more than satisfied with the results. We've been doing photography for quite some time now and shooting digital does not compare to shooting film. Taking time to frame your shots knowing that each frame is worth something is quite relaxing. ALSO A PLUS THERE'S NO EDITING REQUIRED. As a photographer i spend a lot of time editing on Lightroom trying to achieve a film look but no matter how closely you try to replicate it, you really can't compare. 

If we have to compare digital quality is like listening to mp3 where as film is like listening to a vinyl, (comparison made by @doujenshi) and i couldn't agree more. It's really hard to go wrong with film because it's honestly hard not to mess up with film if you are considerate of your lighting. I really can't reiterate enough how satisfying it is to get your prints back. However such a hobby comes with a cost. As much as i'd like to shoot film full time, developing and buying film is not cheap. However when the time comes when money isn't an issue, I would love to shoot film full time. Here are some photos that you guys may or may not have seen. 

If any of you guys are interested in talking photography, or anything like that feel free to message us or you can find my photography account @no_vsns  

Hope you guys enjoy the other content :)