Year 3

Fanime is quickly approaching, it's been really hard for me to work on new projects as you guys already know. I won't have any new products out by our third year anniversary which is during Fanime but I have a few designs in line for a new release. Unfortunately i don't have a lot of time to finalize anything or funds at the moment to have re-stocks and new stock either. There has been so much going on since the beginning of 2018, and it hasn't been all bad or all good. Just life comes at you with a lot of crap that you don't necessarily want to deal with but you have to. None the less im really excited for fanime this year, and i hope to see you guys there. 

I have re posted some products that i had laying around. I haven't been able to focus too much on the stock that i have but I have updated some items and are available in the store now. 

  • Bankai Boiz Nel Collab
  • 1 SET of the Unicorn Gundam bundle 

I'd like to open up pre-orders for restock items but due to low interest and activity i can't justify opening that up for you guys just yet. I know it's my fault for being inactive but soon enough, it will be summer time and i'll have a bit more time to work on content. i'm really sorry for all the waiting. Giveaways will be coming soon. <3

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