Up to speed

Hey guys! it's been a cool minute and a lot of things have been going on and a lot of things have happened since the start of 2018. I regret not making time for Eurobeaters but I have a lot of life things that need work. However I hope to have more time as soon as summer comes around. 

In other news my car was stolen and in the process the thieves blew my motor. I am currently in the process of parting out the car and the majority of the big ticket items have been sold. Before anyone says anything about rebuilding the car or anything like that, I just didn't have the time, space, and funds to rebuild the car as much as i wanted too (and it just wasn't the right time if i wanted to build the car like i wanted to) . Most of you probably don't care but It creates a pathway to a new platform! I've had that car for over 5 years and i learned a lot and grew along with that car and Im looking forward to moving on to a new platform which wont be for a while. 


In other news in terms of new products and content, I don't have anything planned at least confidently. I have some lose ideas floating around that I need time to execute. I wouldn't want to put out half assed products for you guys. I have been keeping light contact with other venders such as @supereffective.us on future collaborations. 

In terms of orders and delayed items, I truly appreciate the small mass of orders that have been trickling in here and there. Again Im having trouble making time to prep and send out orders promptly. But I will get the to you guys as soon as i can. Also FOR ANYONE WHO ORDERED A HOODIE, our printer has been causing us a lot of grief for both @toohot.jp and I and we've been persisting the printer to get our stuff out as fast as possible. It's literally been more than 3 months and our order has been put off. We apologize to anyone who has placed an order but they will be here soon.  

Lastly with some other business related things, I haven't had a lot of time to work on it but car make @autohaus_z gave me the opportunity to create his logo for his company. I hate having to put off fun projects for school and other things but I just want to be able to put out the best products that I can for my own sake as well as for your satisfaction. But with @autohas_z , he specializes in your fine tuning automotive needs from track day prep, to big time maintenance needs. Check out his instagram for a better idea and info! Never the less until I have more time on my hands, thank you guys so much for your continued support! 

Much Love,