Two Flippy Light Boiz: Shoot with @mndz_b

Took the freedom of driving all the way out to Point Reyes to shoot some photos at the Cypress Tree Tunnel this weekend with my buddy @mndz_b (Bo) who also happens to be my barber. Shout out to her for letting me take her long over due photoshoot! Never the less would recommend the drive up if you have the time. Definitely a site to see and a soothing drive. 

I haven't really asked a lot about her progress with her car and the exact story. However throughout the time that I have known her I've seen a lot of changes happening. I don't know enough to give anything exact but all i know is that she has one of the cleanest mki MR2's I have ever seen. Im sure there are others but since i know the the story behind the car and the progression of the car I've come to really appreciate it a whole lot more, especially since she has made all the progress of the car. Huge respect for her passion for her car because she has done everything on her car without knowing too much about it, and i feel like that's something a lot of us in the community share. 

Never the less show her some love, follow her on her social Media @mndz_b for her cosmo/barber media! book her guys or girls for your next cut or color! She will make you look good~