X Eurobeaters Collaboration Hoodies (With a bit of story time)

We will be adding our collaboration hoodies with to our upcoming release this Friday. For this reason we will keep our shop open until next Friday, because we will be working on a PRE-ORDER basis for the hoodies and the new stickers. 

Here are the final mock ups for our collaboration hoodies. They will be available in two color variations; Black & White and Yellow & Black 

The back was designed by my best friend Jenn, who wanted to showcase Binh's car in this collaboration. We wanted to appreciate his car as well as his passion for the automotive lifestyle. 

What inspired us to make this was not only the fact that is a close friend of ours but because we both share a similar passion in Japanese Domestic Vehicles. The design features his S30 260Z on the back. The front logo is created by Binh ( himself was inspired by the anime Wangan Midnight. 

The Midnight Myth comes from a legendary Red S130 twin turbo 280ZX that used to hit the high speeds on the Wangan of Japan. 

Here's the Story explained by Binh ( 

The anime Wangan Midnight was loosely based on a racing club in japan that was active between the years of 1987 and 1999. This group was made up of about 30 members and would meet up at 12 am, hence their name the Midnight Club. To be in this club your car must be comfortable at holding a consistent speed of at least 160 mph (About 250 kph) up to 20 minutes at a time, making it extremely exclusive. They would race the C1 Bayshore route otherwise known as the Wangan.

The fastest of them all was a Turbo 930 Porsche, glorified as the blackbird in the anime. His high end competitor, you guessed it, the S130z. This Z was actually red and it was actually a 280zx. Twin Turbo L28 fuel injected madness.

The s130 however was made by ABR Hosoki, with its bored out L28 (2.8L to now 3.1L) and its many oil catch cans and tricks, could comfortably hold itself at high rev and extremely high speeds. Compared to the S130’s competitors, it was rather an old car (1978) since it was mostly facing 90s legends like the R32 skyline and FD3S RX7. Not to mention 800 hp Supras.

The blackbird currently rests in A showroom (found by journalists of SpeedHunter) however the whereabouts and the current state of the legendary Red Twin Turbo S130 is a mystery. Making it the best myth of Wangan’s history. 

Also ABR (Air Breathing Research) Hosoki is also known for making the fastest Toyota Soarer in the world. They moved over from the s130 to the soarer.

This is the abr hosoki s130, it showed up out of the blue at Tokyo Auto Salon back in the 2000’s

This is the abr hosoki s130, it showed up out of the blue at Tokyo Auto Salon back in the 2000’s

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Thank you guys again for reading and your support! See you guys on Friday 6PM PST