Hey guys! apologies for being MIA. This month has been quite hectic with a lot of personal things going on. Not going to go into details but orders are being processed now, We need to place orders on new stickers. We are stocking on small amounts of stickers per- release due to lack of popularity. 

We will process all orders regardless, but financially it has not been very good and we have a lot of inventory from previous releases that needs to be moved. Therefore we will be having a New years clearance on all stock, except for the most recent release. 

Sale will Include All EXCEPT for: 

  1. Toohot.jp Collaboration hoodies
  2. Fuuka Bundle
  3. Eurobeaters X Bankai Boiz Collab
  4. Original Club Stickers

Everything Else will be %50 off. It's been a pretty tough year here. Quite a bit of ups and downs but the passion keeps us going. However due to the way things have been going we will be keeping releases to a minimum with collaboration releases. We appreciate those who continue to follow and support us, and we will still continue to put content out media content for you guys such as videos and photography and we will still have our photography services available, so feel free to reach out to us! 

Store will be Live On Saturday at 8AM with everything on Sale! 

We wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year! Wishing the best for everyone in the new year.