Hey guys! I hope you guys had a great Thanks giving weekend. I wanted to update you guys on upcoming releases and a huge mistake that I made on our shirt pricing. 

FIRST I WANT TO ADDRESS THE SHIRT PRICING! want to apologize to those who have ordered shirts from us because the shipping prices were way to high. I didn't realize that i put 15 dollars in the pricing. In compensation we'd like to compensate those who have paid way too much for shipping on their shirts with either some money back or some stickers free of any charge. We will email those who have ordered a shirt. Thank you guys for ordering from us regardless of the outrageous price, we love and thank you guys for that. 

Onto future releases, we have a few releases coming up before the end of the year. We have a small release scheduled for next Friday. This will include: our Fuuka Bundle, and our Nel Collaboration with @BankaiBoiz


For December Releases we are working with our friend who is local to the Bay Area; @toohot.jp to make some collaboration apparel. We plan on making hoodies which have been somewhat finalized, as well as either Windbreakers or Bomber Jackets. Colors of hoodies have not been finalized but here is a mock up of our design!