I-Tea Castro Valley Car Meet 10/27 @8PM

Exciting news guys! We’ll be hosting a car meet along with our friends at @jdmlifestyle and @bento.jp for old times sake. It will be a nice little kick back for the locals here in the Bay Area, we’ll have some merch to give out to you guys as well as some merch from @royalorigin / @hoodratstuff . We hope to see you guys and your builds out in Castro Valley on the 27th! come swing by and say hi, we don’t bite.

Of course the standard rules apply for all car meets: Respect the space, no burn outs or inappropriate behavior. We want to continue to have car meets without the local police having to check up on us so please behave and we’ll all have a good time!

issa car meet flyer.jpg


Hey guys, It’s been a while! Slowly but surely the cranks will be turning at full speed but for now we have of our popular previous release products. Hopefully the ones who have been following us for a while enjoy this as well as those who are new to our content get a feel for us. However here is the list that will be available for Pre Orders THIS FRIDAY OCT 19 @6PM PST! (If all goes well I’d like to include something nice for you guys in every oder!~ so please feel free to check us out!)

  • Eurobeaters Original Club Stickers

  • Eurobeaters Animal Style Sticker (Now in RED as well)

  • Everything Will be Daijoubu v.2 (gloss & chrome printed)

  • Unicorn Bundle

  • Impact Blue X Eurobeaters

  • Unicorn Bear Guy

  • Super Eurobeat Style Club Stickers


Jeff's GT86

FRS, BRZ, GT86 whatever, they all have a mixed up rep in the car community. Most people love them for the great platform that they are, but they’re shunned for the a lot of particular reasons that I don’t even want bother listing. Despite it’s reputation I especially like certain builds of this Chassis, Jeff’s GT86 being one of them. Feel free to Follow him via instagram @notae86

Year 3

Fanime is quickly approaching, it's been really hard for me to work on new projects as you guys already know. I won't have any new products out by our third year anniversary which is during Fanime but I have a few designs in line for a new release. Unfortunately i don't have a lot of time to finalize anything or funds at the moment to have re-stocks and new stock either. There has been so much going on since the beginning of 2018, and it hasn't been all bad or all good. Just life comes at you with a lot of crap that you don't necessarily want to deal with but you have to. None the less im really excited for fanime this year, and i hope to see you guys there. 

I have re posted some products that i had laying around. I haven't been able to focus too much on the stock that i have but I have updated some items and are available in the store now. 

  • Bankai Boiz Nel Collab
  • 1 SET of the Unicorn Gundam bundle 

I'd like to open up pre-orders for restock items but due to low interest and activity i can't justify opening that up for you guys just yet. I know it's my fault for being inactive but soon enough, it will be summer time and i'll have a bit more time to work on content. i'm really sorry for all the waiting. Giveaways will be coming soon. <3

Unrelated picture&nbsp;

Unrelated picture 

Up to speed

Hey guys! it's been a cool minute and a lot of things have been going on and a lot of things have happened since the start of 2018. I regret not making time for Eurobeaters but I have a lot of life things that need work. However I hope to have more time as soon as summer comes around. 

In other news my car was stolen and in the process the thieves blew my motor. I am currently in the process of parting out the car and the majority of the big ticket items have been sold. Before anyone says anything about rebuilding the car or anything like that, I just didn't have the time, space, and funds to rebuild the car as much as i wanted too (and it just wasn't the right time if i wanted to build the car like i wanted to) . Most of you probably don't care but It creates a pathway to a new platform! I've had that car for over 5 years and i learned a lot and grew along with that car and Im looking forward to moving on to a new platform which wont be for a while. 


In other news in terms of new products and content, I don't have anything planned at least confidently. I have some lose ideas floating around that I need time to execute. I wouldn't want to put out half assed products for you guys. I have been keeping light contact with other venders such as @supereffective.us on future collaborations. 

In terms of orders and delayed items, I truly appreciate the small mass of orders that have been trickling in here and there. Again Im having trouble making time to prep and send out orders promptly. But I will get the to you guys as soon as i can. Also FOR ANYONE WHO ORDERED A HOODIE, our printer has been causing us a lot of grief for both @toohot.jp and I and we've been persisting the printer to get our stuff out as fast as possible. It's literally been more than 3 months and our order has been put off. We apologize to anyone who has placed an order but they will be here soon.  

Lastly with some other business related things, I haven't had a lot of time to work on it but car make @autohaus_z gave me the opportunity to create his logo for his company. I hate having to put off fun projects for school and other things but I just want to be able to put out the best products that I can for my own sake as well as for your satisfaction. But with @autohas_z , he specializes in your fine tuning automotive needs from track day prep, to big time maintenance needs. Check out his instagram for a better idea and info! Never the less until I have more time on my hands, thank you guys so much for your continued support! 

Much Love,


Two Flippy Light Boiz: Shoot with @mndz_b

Took the freedom of driving all the way out to Point Reyes to shoot some photos at the Cypress Tree Tunnel this weekend with my buddy @mndz_b (Bo) who also happens to be my barber. Shout out to her for letting me take her long over due photoshoot! Never the less would recommend the drive up if you have the time. Definitely a site to see and a soothing drive. 

I haven't really asked a lot about her progress with her car and the exact story. However throughout the time that I have known her I've seen a lot of changes happening. I don't know enough to give anything exact but all i know is that she has one of the cleanest mki MR2's I have ever seen. Im sure there are others but since i know the the story behind the car and the progression of the car I've come to really appreciate it a whole lot more, especially since she has made all the progress of the car. Huge respect for her passion for her car because she has done everything on her car without knowing too much about it, and i feel like that's something a lot of us in the community share. 

Never the less show her some love, follow her on her social Media @mndz_b for her cosmo/barber media! book her guys or girls for your next cut or color! She will make you look good~ 




Hey guys! apologies for being MIA. This month has been quite hectic with a lot of personal things going on. Not going to go into details but orders are being processed now, We need to place orders on new stickers. We are stocking on small amounts of stickers per- release due to lack of popularity. 

We will process all orders regardless, but financially it has not been very good and we have a lot of inventory from previous releases that needs to be moved. Therefore we will be having a New years clearance on all stock, except for the most recent release. 

Sale will Include All EXCEPT for: 

  1. Toohot.jp Collaboration hoodies
  2. Fuuka Bundle
  3. Eurobeaters X Bankai Boiz Collab
  4. Original Club Stickers

Everything Else will be %50 off. It's been a pretty tough year here. Quite a bit of ups and downs but the passion keeps us going. However due to the way things have been going we will be keeping releases to a minimum with collaboration releases. We appreciate those who continue to follow and support us, and we will still continue to put content out media content for you guys such as videos and photography and we will still have our photography services available, so feel free to reach out to us! 

Store will be Live On Saturday at 8AM with everything on Sale! 

We wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year! Wishing the best for everyone in the new year. 



Booking for Shoots

We have officially opened up bookings for photoshoots. For right now we are working on an email inquiry basis. you can book us by hitting the "inquiries" tab on the website. [Pricing will be flat rate at $25 a session] 

we will be working one on one with you guys to get the photos that you guys are looking for, and in the process we hope that we get to know you guys a little better. As long as we're within reach we'd like to offer our services to all of you guys. We hope we get to meet more of you soon! thank you so much for those who continue to support us as well as those who have just discovered us. 



Toohot.jp X Eurobeaters Collaboration Hoodies (With a bit of story time)

We will be adding our collaboration hoodies with @toohot.jp to our upcoming release this Friday. For this reason we will keep our shop open until next Friday, because we will be working on a PRE-ORDER basis for the hoodies and the new stickers. 

Here are the final mock ups for our collaboration hoodies. They will be available in two color variations; Black & White and Yellow & Black 

The back was designed by my best friend Jenn, who wanted to showcase Binh's car in this collaboration. We wanted to appreciate his car as well as his passion for the automotive lifestyle. 

What inspired us to make this was not only the fact that @toohot.jp is a close friend of ours but because we both share a similar passion in Japanese Domestic Vehicles. The design features his S30 260Z on the back. The front logo is created by Binh (@toohot.jp) himself was inspired by the anime Wangan Midnight. 

The Midnight Myth comes from a legendary Red S130 twin turbo 280ZX that used to hit the high speeds on the Wangan of Japan. 

Here's the Story explained by Binh (@toohot.jp): 

The anime Wangan Midnight was loosely based on a racing club in japan that was active between the years of 1987 and 1999. This group was made up of about 30 members and would meet up at 12 am, hence their name the Midnight Club. To be in this club your car must be comfortable at holding a consistent speed of at least 160 mph (About 250 kph) up to 20 minutes at a time, making it extremely exclusive. They would race the C1 Bayshore route otherwise known as the Wangan.

The fastest of them all was a Turbo 930 Porsche, glorified as the blackbird in the anime. His high end competitor, you guessed it, the S130z. This Z was actually red and it was actually a 280zx. Twin Turbo L28 fuel injected madness.

The s130 however was made by ABR Hosoki, with its bored out L28 (2.8L to now 3.1L) and its many oil catch cans and tricks, could comfortably hold itself at high rev and extremely high speeds. Compared to the S130’s competitors, it was rather an old car (1978) since it was mostly facing 90s legends like the R32 skyline and FD3S RX7. Not to mention 800 hp Supras.

The blackbird currently rests in A showroom (found by journalists of SpeedHunter) however the whereabouts and the current state of the legendary Red Twin Turbo S130 is a mystery. Making it the best myth of Wangan’s history. 

Also ABR (Air Breathing Research) Hosoki is also known for making the fastest Toyota Soarer in the world. They moved over from the s130 to the soarer.

This is the abr hosoki s130, it showed up out of the blue at Tokyo Auto Salon back in the 2000’s

This is the abr hosoki s130, it showed up out of the blue at Tokyo Auto Salon back in the 2000’s

Please give our Friend a follow and check him out! @toohot.jp Hoodies will also be available in his store along with some other products. Please please please support him along with his S30 build. 

Thank you guys again for reading and your support! See you guys on Friday 6PM PST

Gearing Up for the Release This Friday!

Reminder that we will be dropping new products this Friday at 6PM PST. (New products will be on a PRE-ORDER BASIS) 

  • Fuuka Bundle
  • Nel Die Cuts

Spirited Driving Club Shirts Will be on sale for $25 [with the updated shipping price] 

Remaining stock from the previous Release will be available as well 


Hey guys! I hope you guys had a great Thanks giving weekend. I wanted to update you guys on upcoming releases and a huge mistake that I made on our shirt pricing. 

FIRST I WANT TO ADDRESS THE SHIRT PRICING! want to apologize to those who have ordered shirts from us because the shipping prices were way to high. I didn't realize that i put 15 dollars in the pricing. In compensation we'd like to compensate those who have paid way too much for shipping on their shirts with either some money back or some stickers free of any charge. We will email those who have ordered a shirt. Thank you guys for ordering from us regardless of the outrageous price, we love and thank you guys for that. 

Onto future releases, we have a few releases coming up before the end of the year. We have a small release scheduled for next Friday. This will include: our Fuuka Bundle, and our Nel Collaboration with @BankaiBoiz


For December Releases we are working with our friend who is local to the Bay Area; @toohot.jp to make some collaboration apparel. We plan on making hoodies which have been somewhat finalized, as well as either Windbreakers or Bomber Jackets. Colors of hoodies have not been finalized but here is a mock up of our design! 



All Pre-orders have arrived today! We will be working on filling orders tomorrow and everything should be out the same day! We are working on new releases as well, they should be ready by the next release. However we will open the store again for the week (tomorrow). We have limited amounts in stock. 




@doujenshi and I have been getting back into shooting film as of late, and i thought i'd share some photos and experiences with you guys. Honestly I'm not too experienced with shooting film but I have to say that it's really fun not knowing how your photos will come out until you get them developed. For me i feel like 9/10 times I'm more than satisfied with the results. We've been doing photography for quite some time now and shooting digital does not compare to shooting film. Taking time to frame your shots knowing that each frame is worth something is quite relaxing. ALSO A PLUS THERE'S NO EDITING REQUIRED. As a photographer i spend a lot of time editing on Lightroom trying to achieve a film look but no matter how closely you try to replicate it, you really can't compare. 

If we have to compare digital quality is like listening to mp3 where as film is like listening to a vinyl, (comparison made by @doujenshi) and i couldn't agree more. It's really hard to go wrong with film because it's honestly hard not to mess up with film if you are considerate of your lighting. I really can't reiterate enough how satisfying it is to get your prints back. However such a hobby comes with a cost. As much as i'd like to shoot film full time, developing and buying film is not cheap. However when the time comes when money isn't an issue, I would love to shoot film full time. Here are some photos that you guys may or may not have seen. 

If any of you guys are interested in talking photography, or anything like that feel free to message us or you can find my photography account @no_vsns  

Hope you guys enjoy the other content :) 


Thank you guys for making our come back release a success. I honestly wasn't expecting to have this sort of out come but, We are glad that you guys like our new stuff. Inquires have been put in for the pre-orders, we should have all pre-ordered stickers ordered by tomorrow if all goes smoothly! We're excited to see the new products as much as you guys. Never the less thank you guys again, we're currently working on new content as well so stay tuned for our next release. Probably in the next 2-3 weeks depending on when the pre-order stickers arrive. 



Official Time our store will be Live is 8PM PST

Thank you guys for your patience, we're excited to open up the store for you guys! hope to see you guys there :) <3 

photo by: @doujenshi  model and car: @toohot.jp

photo by: @doujenshi

model and car: @toohot.jp

Final Notes on the Release~

Important Info! 

  • Date/Time: November 3rd, 8PM PST
  • Availability: PRE-ORDER BASIS, will stay open for the weekend 11/3- 11/6
  • We will announce on Instagram/Facebook as well! 
  • All remaining Previously released Items will be Available as well such as: shirts, wallscrolls, and other slaps and die cuts


What will be newly avalible:

Preparation! (STORE OPENS 11/3)

I'm feeling more excited as the release date gets closer. I hope you guys are excited as I am but been putting a lot of time into preparing for this, and it feels like it's been a long time since I've felt this way about a release. Personally my confidence has been down for a long time preventing me from creating anything new. However til the very end I will create things that i choose and feel to make, and i feel like everything that have come to me has been up to how i've been feelings. With this come back release it's very black and white and quite simple, and just something that i feel goes back to what i really wanted the brand to be about, but with all that i've learned and experience put into it. I'd also like to shout out the ones who heard me out, from long time customers who i now consider friends to long time friends of mine; you guys know who you are. None the less here's what i have lined up for you guys. 

These along with some previously popular Items will be available for Pre-order which will be shown below. 

  • Impact blue: Due to popular demand, these will be available again for pre-order
  • Barbatos: For those who missed out these will also be on pre-order for the last time. 
  • Unicorn Gundam Collab: Also for those who missed out on these, they will be available for pre-order again for the last time