Post Shukai w/ @pandita510 circa 2016  photo by: @sad_vsns

Post Shukai w/ @pandita510 circa 2016

photo by: @sad_vsns


Our name can be deceiving to many Euro owners, but no it does not mean we beat Euro cars. The name Eurobeaters originates from the music genre Eurobeat which is infamously known to be used in the Japanese touge racing anime Initial D. Being huge fans of Initial D and anime in general we felt as though the name Eurobeaters made a great universal name for everyone because those who do know or listen to Eurobeat can relate to the exhilarating feeling you get from driving on your favorite back road to this music. However there are many meanings to why we chose this name but one reason is our slogan "Find your Rhythm". Whether is finding the Rhythm to a course or, finding your Rhythm resonates well among many among the youth as well as the older generations, as we all share a common struggle whether you believe it or not. Lastly we stand strongly for bringing community together whether we share a common interest or not. It's not a competition or a fight for who gets more publicity or attention. What matters is that we share our interests and passion with each other and get to know where each of us come from. Never the less, we really hope that you guys enjoy our content as much as we enjoy providing it for you guys. We humbly and graciously thank you for your support.